How I healed my ‘burning’ yoni myself, after 4 years of pain

This is how I did it, without any doctor’s help. warning: read with an open mind!
We all have pain from time to time, we might go to the doctor or not to find out what it is. Very often there is no explanation and you might feel unheard and misunderstood and still having the pain. Here is how I dealt with and healed a pain that was with me for over 4 years now!

It was 3 o’clock in the morning on the second full day of my own silent retreat (more on that in a blog article coming soon) and I was wide awake, because of a problem I have been having for nearly 4 years. This problem couldn’t be saved by any kind of doctor, neither different German gynecologist nor Sri Lankan Ayurvedic doctors. The problem is very personal, but I am going to tell you now anyway, because I think it is crucial to put these things out there as they exist and can be healed, just not always in the common way.

I have had a severe burning sensation in my yoni (Sanskrit word for vagina). It all started with a stupid one-night stand I had more than 4 years ago, who wasn’t very gentle and I couldn’t say no. Afterwards I thought I had a bladder infection, but the burning was so deep and so long lasting and really had nothing to do with me peeing. This sensation has stuck with me for years now. It usually comes in the evening, or I wake up at night with it. Sometimes it was so bad in the mornings, that I couldn’t start the day properly or even had to change appointments. First I thought it might have been an infection, so I got all the tests done at a gynecologist. Nothing. Nothing outside to be seen nor inside to be found. And I still had the pain. With some embodiment training and training on putting awareness in my womb when I had the pain, I could reduce it a little bit. Also something cold attached to my yoni and sitting and deep breathing would help numb the pain for a while and it would always disappear at some point as if nothing has ever happened.

This one night I had it again and I stood up and tried to meditate, with the help of my recently acquired theta healing skills I thought I might find the solution. So I connected to the divine and I asked the creator of all that is (which is the same as the divine) to help me find a solution, the answer was simple: “It is a big womb trauma that happened to your ancestors a long time ago. Find it and heal it.” So I did ask and found myself on a journey 12 generations backward in time to one of my ancestors around the year 1450, she was a witch helping other people heal with herbs, but also with her supernatural skills and she was found and ordered to death in one of the earliest witch burning rituals. She literally burned to death because of her skills of talking to the divine.

No wonder I had a burning sensation, also in combination of myself turning more spiritual and finding gifts on my own of communicating to the divine, of being able to heal myself and other people through non-ordinary tools. I have also found a deeply buried belief sentence “when I show my witch-like skills I will burn to death“. I eliminated this out of my system, and finally I am able to actually make something like this blog article public without being scared to death that something will happen to me afterwards. Well obviously some of you might still think, now she has gone really mad. But I don’t care anymore, as long as I can help just one person to find a solution to a long lasting problem, I would always do it again!

Now to round it up, I also found an obligation that my ancestor built up with me, she needed to always remind me of this sentence again and again, as a way of protecting me from what happened to her. Luckily no one right now in this time still burns witches (well, there might be countries who still do this without anyone noticing, but I am luckily not living in this kind of society, only in a society where skills like I have will be eyed on weirdly, which can also bring about mental and emotional damage). So I also eliminated this obligation and implemented a new strong belief sentence saying “I can live up to my full potential with no harm”. And that is what I am doing now!

I think it’s not necessary to say that the physical pain of this burning sensation hasn’t returned.

If you are interested in learning this kind of healing method, I can warm heartedly recommend it. It is called theta healing, and I also know a brilliant teacher if you are also interested in getting certified. If you only want to try out some of the basics of theta healing, become part of any of my new and upcoming offers (like the intention setting live or masterclass, the 1:1 sessions or even the lioness rising mastermind, which I will open up again for application), where I am also using parts of this unique technique, especially to connect to the divine, which is the first step of a long (but totally worth it) path of being able to heal yourself.

Thank you for reading until the end. I am happy to read about your comments, but only if they come from and stem from love.

Stay connected,
Yours Jasmin

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