Intentions, decisions, guidance – whatever you seek, the cards can help you.

Do you know that feeling that sometimes you are really stuck and have no idea what your next step should be or what the answer to a question you are having is? Well why not ask the cards next time?

I will show you how I do it on a regular basis. I am using all inner compass card sets and I am also using classic tarot cards. Tarot cards I am using regularly every Monday for a whole week, well depending on if I solved the last drawing or not 😉 but you can use any card set you have on hand.

When it comes to the inner compass cards I am using whenever I feel like it. It’s a beautiful ritual to give yourself some direction with the help of the cards. Because trust me you will always pick the card that you need in this particular moment.

Here is how you do the ritual:

1. Get comfortable, find your own sacred space, maybe light up a candle or even make a sacred smoke ritual with sage and palo santo. Maybe you want to ask a particular question, or just pick one without an intention. You can always ask like this: what helps or supports me in this regard xyz?
2. Then line up your cards and feel the card that is yours by sliding your hand over the cards, the best way is to close your eyes while doing it. If you have no idea, then you could also get the card deck and shuffle it as long as you want until at some point the right card will appear by falling out or something similar. If a few fall out, check by using the energy test (check this out in an upcoming blog article) which one is right for you now.
3. Turn around the card and feel, what comes up when you see the symbol, the word and so on. Can you relate? What does it tell you? Only after that read the description.
4. Make yourself some notes in your journal by answering questions like, how does this card help you in finding an answer or in helping you find your next step. Go out and follow the cards suggestions if you can and with what you resonated.

Enjoy your little ritual.

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Enjoy your card drawing ritual my dear.
Stay connected,
Yours Jasmin

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