Only when I stop running, I can start flying

How to stop running and still reach your goal

Do you have the feeling life is running past you, or that you can’t control it. It feels like the sand is rinsing through your fingers and you can’t hold onto it, even for one second. Do you wish that life would be more free or effortless? It’s possible, read further to know how!

When you are always running, literally and figuratively you will only ever be running. Once you stop running, you will have a chance to notice something very important. The why, why are you running? For whom? Or for what?

Is all the running making you happy? Is it really bringing you closer to your ultimate goal or finish line? Or are you just running faster and your goal seems to be running even faster? Think about it for one moment. Think about the option of flying, wouldn’t you rather start flying? Wouldn’t you rather be flying, hovering through life instead of rushing. Don’t you love the easiness and freedom of flying, the wings, the ease when the wind is coming and taking you effortlessly to where you need to go and the only thing you have to do is enjoy the view?

Well you could have all of this. But you need to stop running, you need to stop chasing something, someone else wants you to do or chase. You need to stop. First things first. It is ok to not know what’s next. Stop without knowing this. Just stop. Take your time. Go out there and start saying “no”, and yes to yourself. Stop running, and start looking inward. I know it can be dark, and frustrating inside of you. Emotions will take over or you are even afraid of your emotions, any of them to come up, so you start running again. Don’t. Just stop. Breathe. Be aware. Breathe. Enjoy the moment. Stop running towards something or from something. Just stop. I know it is much harder than what it sounds here right now. But to be honest with you, otherwise you will be stopped by the universe, and ultimately by your body at some point anyhow, through pain or a disease (more on this in the first “divine PRANA message” for you).

So stop running now consciously. Make it your own decision, before it’s been made for you. I know it takes a lot of courage to stop running in a system where everyone else is constantly running, and even making it a cool thing. Trust me. It’s not. Stay true to yourself and be courages enough to calm down and breathe. Once you’ve managed to stop running, it’s time to breathe and get to know yourself better. All the sides, the shadows and the potential. The love and the fear. Just one thing is important, start choosing love over fear from this point onwards and you will never start running again. The next thing you will know is that you will be flying. Taking by the wind, enjoying the view and simultaneously getting to your goal in the end. It might not be the one you have envisioned, but it will definitely be the one where you feel at peace with yourself and the world.

So babe, once you stop running, you will start flying!

Stay connected,
Yours Jasmin

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