3 reasons why you should start connecting to the divine

Stop wishing, and start manifesting with a higher purpose

There is more than just the things that you see in your daily life. We are all connected to something higher – to the divine. The divine is a source of infinite energy and wisdom that you can use for you. To live the best and happiest life you can. Why it is so important to use this connection, I will tell you in this article.

We all have it. You might feel a little spark of connection here and then, but you still think you don’t have it. That is not the highest truth. The highest truth is that we all have a connection to the divine, as we are all children of the divine. Well how and why this is the case I might explain another time. Just keep in mind you are a child of god, of the divine, of the universe. Please name it as you like, because some sort of adversity to any kind of particular name is not helpful in establishing a connection. I love the name divine. So I will stick to the divine, or sometimes I say creator or creatrix of all that is, as well, as he/she created all that there is.

Let’s see, why would you even make the effort to connect to something higher, especially if you feel like it’s still a looooooong way to go?

I will give you some reasons:

1. Do you make decisions based on pro and contra sheets, and somehow you still seem to make the ‘wrong’ decision? It could be that you leave out a very important point, your intuition. Don’t get me wrong I like pro and con lists, they can be very helpful in seeing the bigger picture, BUT why would you ever think you know and you see everything when putting down pros and cons on a list. It would be really egoistic to think you will know all the details, all the future events, all possibilities. You will never know everything, especially if you have no idea that your current wishes will not maybe change soon, have you taken that into account while making a decision? Probably not. So I will give you my first advice, always give your intuition room in decision making. If your gut says yes, or no, then your gut is most probably right. So what does your gut have to do with the divine?

Let me explain this before we go on to number 2. Your body is connected to your subconscious and your subconscious can be controlled by different things, either your autopilot, that says we have always done it like that that’s why we keep doing it like that. BUT your subconscious can also be, let’s say controlled by the divine. Why? The divine is communicating with you all the time. All the time. All the time. Through different sources, through your thoughts, your gut, through outside signs, people and objects. The thing is that: you need to learn to distinguish between the divine’s voice and your own (ego) voice. How? That’s number 2:

2. Have you got trouble with a lot of thoughts, thoughts that are negative in nature, that are based on fears? Well you most probably let your ego thoughts dominate yourself. If you learn to interpret what’s coming from the divine and strengthen these thoughts through a connection you have established, they will become stronger and eventually override the fearful, negative thoughts you are having now. Sounds too simple? It’s not that complicated in theory, but it can be in practice. Once you understand the theory, practicing will become easier though I promise.

3. You wish that you would be stronger, less fearful, and happier? You wish that everything in life would be easier, that things would turn out good for you? Well stop wishing and start manifesting, there is a huge difference. And when you learn the hacks of manifesting TOGETHER with the divine, you cannot look that fast and life will be like floating on water, people and situations will emerge out of nowhere giving you exactly what you need with no extra effort. Interested? Well this is all possible once you start nourishing your connection to the divine.

You might ask yourself now, well and how do I start? I always say start with some easy things before you start turning your whole life around. You need to be ready for that anyhow, when you know, you know, but probably by then you already have the tools to do that in an easy way. So I would advise you to start simple. Like with something like asking for your intention for the day every morning. Start a conversation with the divine somewhere.

How do I ask for my intention for the day?
Sit down in the morning, get comfortable and have the intention to connect to something higher (there is a path I am explaining in this blog article) or you just find the way on your own. Once connected you can ask the divine to show you your intention for the day. Afterwards you will see, hear, feel in some way your intention for the day. That can be anything from “go with the flow”, to “be gentle with yourself and others”…
If you have trouble receiving anything there could be many reasons why, but the most simple is: practice and you will get there. If you want to have some more guidance in the practice, hop over to the free intention setting practice sessions and practice with me.

Stay connected,
Yours Jasmin

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