How setting your intention right every day will bring you closer to your dream life

3 steps to communicate with the divine

Everyone of us has an imagination of his/her dream life. But in our everyday life most of the time our dreams have to make space for a lot of To Do’s, for appointments and also for too many doubts. Imagine you had a tool that would bring the focus of your whole day to a higher level. A tool to trust yourself and to connect to your inner voice. Find out why setting an intention every day is the key for that.

Seriously, just setting an intention every day will bring me my soul partner in life or get me my dream job? Yes it can be that simple. Let me explain why.

You have probably heard about the phrase mindset is important, right? Well there is one important message missing, it depends on where the mindset is coming from. If your ego tells you every morning, go get up, your intention for today is to work as hard as you can so that we get as much recognition as possible, the base where this intention is coming from might not be the one that you want, and that ultimately brings you to your dream life, or does your dream life involve working as hard as you can until you’ll drop dead or have a burn out? Well I doubt that.

Don’t get me wrong, your intention for a day could be to really sit down on your ass and get shit done to achieve what you are here to achieve, if it comes from the right source. So what could this source be? This source is something higher, like the divine, that tells you what your focus, your intention for that day should be so that every day you step closer into your dream life. Remember your dream life doesn’t come around the corner from one day to the other, BUT it can come around with every step you take every day. Trust me. Just start somewhere, and it can be as easy as setting the right intention with the help of the divine. So you think, sounds nice, but how do I connect to the divine. Well it’s kind of simple, make the intention and the trust to do so. Trust in yourself that you have the seed inside yourself to talk and communicate with the divine EVERY DAY IN EVERY SECOND.

(more on why you should connect to the divine here)

Well the divine communicates with you anyhow all the time, you just might not be listening. Well here are three steps to receive the right intention every day to be getting closer to that dream life of yours:

1. Set aside some time in the morning with the intention of receiving your intention of the day. Make yourself comfortable, and make sure you will not get distracted for a few minutes. Have a notebook and a pen by your side.

2. So now connect to the divine by first breathing deeply (if you do not know how to breathe real deep try out one of Josephine’s offers), then connect to the earth below you and take that feeling of groundedness with you, now go out of your crown chakra and into the realms of the universe (want to know more? head over and become part of this masterclass).

3. Now when you are connected you can ask the divine about your intention of the day. You will hear, see or feel your intention. Then you can also ask again if you might have interpreted the signals in the right way. There are hundreds of ways the divine communicates with you and it is so individual. I have soul clients that receive words, others see colours or feel something. Trust in whatever you receive is right for you. (If you wish for more guidance here check out the intention setting practice for free)

4. Go down back into your body with your consciousness and write down what you have received and then this is crucial, live that day by exactly this intention no matter how complicated this might seem at first for you. Trust that everything will unfold for you that day.

Enjoy practicing setting your intention every day. If you wish for more guidance you can either set your intention live with me every day at 7 am for free, or go on and find out more in this masterclass.

What you do each day matters,
because what you do each day turns into what you do each week,
which turns into what you do each month,
which turns into what you do each year,
which turns into your life.

Think about this twice.
Stay connected,
Yours Jasmin

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