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your free meditation

Are you aware of the connection to yourself? Have you been aware of your breathing today? One of my most powerful tools is to hold still in the midst of a stressful moment and breathe into my belly. So I can feel the connection to myself and to something deeper inside of me. Do you want to feel your mind-body connection? I recorded a video for you with a wonderful practice – you will feel better after this, I promise.


your practice

In this practice you will learn the fundamentals of AYURVEDIC BREATHWORK – I support you for 5 days with a combination of theory & practice. Learn how to integrate more PRANA – more life force into your daily life. And just feel and experience yourself.

The practice teaching video & audio material is recorded in German.


starte mit Breathwork fokussiert & mit Energie in den Tag

4 Sessions • LIVE • online über Zoom

Der Morgen hat etwas ganz Besonderes. Es liegt eine Kraft und eine Energie in der Luft, die wir für uns nutzen können. Wir können nicht die Ereignisse des Tages beeinflussen oder kontrollieren, aber wir können uns morgen zentrieren, fokussieren und mit uns selbst einchecken, so dass wir auf all das, was kommen mag, vorbereitet sind. Der Atem hilft uns dabei. Der Atem hilft uns dabei uns selbst zu spüren, die Verbindung mit unserem Körper aufzubauen, und unser parasympathisches Nervensystem zu aktivieren, sodass wir uns in Stresssituation nicht verlieren.

Bist du dabei?


1-1 coaching

GET TO KNOW YOUR BODY I So we have this wonder called body, sometimes we have a good relationship with it. Sometimes not so much. Well, I know that feeling. Having had troubles with accepting my body as it is, unsatisfying breathing patterns, no idea about how thoughts manifest themselves in our bodies. I came a long way and I am ready to accompany YOU on your way to get to know your body, to fall in love with your wonder, your temple.


we work together

There are so many ways to work with the body, mind and soul – I found my way through yoga, breathing, visualization, bodywork. Your body is showing you what it needs, where the path should go – are you ready to listen? Let me be your partner in finding the home in yourself that you are longing for. Let me be your companion one this journey.

Schedule a get-to-know call, free of charge. We will see if WE fit working together.
If there is a YES on both sides, there will be an individual concept for you, built on what you need.
Mostly the tools will be individualized breathing sessions, embodiment, bodywork, releasing emotion & thought patterns which are blocking you, if needed also kognitive work in form of personality, desires, motives etc.

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