Stepping out of the norm

How I left the ‘classical way’ and started my own unique path

This is why I started my own path, with all the ups and downs. Why I would never turn back and why this life is all about learning and then un-learning. Here is how I did it, and how you can do it as well, if you feel the calling. I tell you this from the beginning on: there is no turning back and trust me: you wouldn’t want to!

So I was on a track that at least was the norm for my surroundings that I’ve grown up in, school, bachelor and part-time masters. I worked in an international company on the way up to the top. I was on the “right” track, but I was always doing what others wanted me to do. I always imagined being a manager, but I constantly thought “why is it so hard for me to get there?“. And why do I have to strictly comply with all those processes in this big company? Why does everything need to be approved, why do some people sit around doing nothing, being bored, getting paid for it and then go home, or only work to go on holidays?! I felt so misplaced, I thought that this could not be real. That people would really want to work in those places (I am sure there are differences), but seriously people spend hours and hours doing paperwork, writing emails and planning something only to sometimes throw hours of work away just because of “politics”. Because of, mostly high ranked, men in the company are having a power play, seriously the world out there and real politics is actually not that different.

Don’t get me wrong please, there are companies that ‘work’ differently, there are people who wish this kind of environment to be in and thrive in it. It just wasn’t that for me, being a very independent person, liking to initiate new things, being flexible, creative and loving to go ‘beyond’ the rules, processes and norms.

Me, 2016, project manager in a forklift company

Anyhow I just looked at the facts, I envisioned myself in this place in 5 years time, and I didn’t like it (do that as well, it is an easy task and will show you a lot about what you really want!). I decided: I am out, I am not playing this game or getting played anymore (to be fair, I actually got played by a woman (my boss) just before I stepped out, because she was jealous of my progress and connections in the company). Now I am so grateful for her, because she made it easier to finally leave the company, although getting bullied out is not such a nice experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

I don’t want to write bad things about big companies in general, I just wish that there would be less politics and people would be treated in a different way. That potential would really be seen more often and because there are always two sides to the story, that everyone would stand up for what they believe in, especially in their self and talent in order to be seen. I bow to every (woman) who has made it their purpose to change company cultures, to work for more freedom and so on. It’s not my purpose, but maybe it’s yours.

Anyhow I stepped out of this game, and started going my own way with my own vision, starting my own business. And only now I have realized it is not about having my own business, it’s about showing the world that it is important to go your own way, with your own business or as part of another business, or as part of a family.

Start believing in yourself and in your superpowers, do not ever let anyone tell you what you are good at and what you are totally shit at, just because he or she is your boss (or your partner, parents, friends or school teacher in this regard). Even if you are not so good at one thing and on top of it you don’t even like to do it, then please stop (!) and start doing what you want to do. Start being the person you were born to be. And most importantly start being him or her now!!!!!

Now I know, this is not for everyone. Let me distinguish. But let me also say this, if what I am writing is just resonating a little bit with you, continue.
Start being honest with yourself, and it’s ok to be afraid. I was afraid as shit to do the step, trust me.

Now I will explain a little bit why it’s also my nature, and why you should never ignore your own nature. Stay with me, you will understand why.

I am a manifestor, who according to human design is able to initiate new patterns into this world that have never been seen before. I am also a fiery ‘Leo’ personality according to astrology, with a lot of airy ‘Vata’ and again fiery ‘Pitta’ energies according to the ancient ayurvedic wisdom.

In all of my astrology, and human design readings I’ve been told that I am here to be a role model, to also change my life in order to motivate others to do the same. And when I look back I have actually changed my life every 2-3 years quite radically, and I might be always continuing on this path, as this is me.

Now you see I used a lot of tools to understand myself better.
But there is one thing I have learned in the last year or so, the ultimate tool is this for me now:
My connection to the divine. It’s everything.
I can ask any question and I will always get an answer, not always the one I might like, as growth does almost always mean something difficult as well as something beautiful. Now I can really understand my soul and my soul’s purpose.
What a blessing.

And the thing is: you can too.
You can find out what your unique path is, you just have to start.
To be honest there is no right or wrong way in finding your own path.
For one person it’s with the help of tools like ‘Human Design’, for the other person it’s Ayurveda or Breathwork or Yoga, for the next person it’s starting with inner belief work (and healing it via Theta Healing for example).

Just start somewhere.
Most of the time it’s good to start with getting aware of your body first, maybe through Breathwork, Yoga, Embodiment and so on.
Get aware of your body, your feelings, your inside.

Then try to understand yourself better, maybe through the Ayurvedic Dosha theory, your Human Design profile, your Gene Keys, or through other psychological tests like ID37. Maybe for you also it’s TCM or something similar.

Ultimately you come to a point where it gets even more individual, even more you just needing yourself for understanding yourself. Yourself and the divine, your intuition, your inner voice.

As all the information about yourself is actually stored in yourself.

The divine only helps you to step into the knowledge, to give you a hint, to connect yourself to the highest version of yourself, to your soul.

This is a lifelong path of learning or let’s better say unlearning. Please just start somewhere and continue somewhere with what feels right for you right now. We are unique in learning and growing and developing.

But one thing is true for every single soul on earth: in order to survive you need to grow and to change and to remember yourself. Either consciously or unconsciously – that is your decision. You either get forced into the change process or you surrender yourself into it. The last one takes courage. Develop this and go ahead bravely.

The universe will have your back. Always.
I believe in you starting or continuing your journey once you have been stuck somewhere (me too! from time to time).

Go ahead and stay connected,
Yours Jasmin

P.S. If you want to start connecting to the divine, you can do this in multiple ways. Try out my free intention setting practice I guide every morning for a short period of time, for more information and your free registration

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