welcome to a pranaful world


to your breath

Connecting to your breath means that you get in touch with your most important vital source. As you experience this connection and this vitality through your breath you will increase your PRANA tremendously. In every situation you can think of – on, or off the mat, the breath is there to support you, the breath will balance you out.

We will lead you to the experience – are you in?


to the divine

Do you want to know that there is more to life? Would you like to know your purpose and how you can shine your unique light from the inside out into the world? I help you connect to something higher and strengthen your intuition to find all the answers you are having. Magically also answers to questions, you wouldn’t even dare to ask. Are you brave enough to find out? Let go of what is still blocking you to create? & then to finally really manifest big time? Come and connect to the divine with me.


This is us, Jasmin & Josephine Jess, two sisters with superpowers to guide you into seeing, creating and shining your own light and prana into the world. Always remember this: prana up YOUR LIFE.


Sanskrit, m., प्राण, prāṇa, [ prah-nuh ], noun

1. Life-energy I Lebensenergie (Ur-Energie)
2. The outgoing-breath I der Atem

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